Researching the connections between ecohydrological processes and human interactions in an ever changing climate.

  • We investigate land use effects on ecological and hydrological processes and interactions.

  • We study surface water and groundwater relationships in watersheds and riparian areas. 

  • We use a systems approach to enhance base knowledge regarding watershed-riparian function.

  • We collaborate with multiple stakeholders including producers, state and federal agency personnel, and researchers from various institutions.




Dr. Carlos Ochoa is a faculty member in:

Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences 

Water Resources Graduate Program

Environmental Sciences Graduate Program





Riparian physical function and grazing management techniques were some of the topics discussed during a Riparian Grazing Management Workshop supported by the National Riparian Service Team (NRST) and organized by the Klamath Watershed Partnership in Oregon. Dr. Carlos Ochoa participated as one of the instructors along with Sandy Wyman, MIke Borman, and David Bradford from the NRST.
History and ongoing research on the long-term paired watershed study in central Oregon were discussed during the OSU Range Field Day that focused on the ecology and hydrology of western juniper ecosystems. Morning presentations by OSU researchers Carlos Ochoa, Phil Caruso, Tim Deboodt, and Michael Fisher (COCC) were followed by a guided tour to the study site.
Dr. Carlos Ochoa talked to Mexican ranchers about watershed and riparian management techniques to improve environmental health in arid and semiarid ecosystems.