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Ecohydrologic Processes in Rangelands of the Chihuahuan Desert - Northern Mexico

Studying plant-soil-water relationships in response to conservation practices in rangeland ecosystems of the Chihuahuan Desert

In ongoing collaboration with researchers from Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua (Mexico) we are looking at enhancing understanding of plant-soil-water relationships in response to rangeland restoration efforts. Since 2012, a series of conservation practices including land imprinting, grade control structures, small basins, and planting of native shrubland species (Atriplex canescens) and (Prosopis glandulosa) have been conducted in a 500 ha watershed in a rangeland location in the Chihuahuan Desert, in northern Mexico. Rainfall harvesting effects on soil moisture, soil temperature, groundwater, and vegetation are being monitored.

Carlos Ortega and Carlos Ochoa             Sensors_Soil moisture_Desert            gavion

Sensors_Tomy_Desert             rain            Sep 2014            

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Latitude: 30.254315
Longitude: -106.344699


Grasslands and shrublands