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Semiarid Riparian System - Oregon

Investigating water quantity/quality issues in riparian corridors of eastern Oregon

To properly address water quality concerns in riparian systems, we need a better understanding of surface water and groundwater interactions and how these interactions can be impacted through agriculture-related practices. 

In a semiarid watershed in north-central Oregon, we are conducting a study that will enhance base knowledge regarding the relationships among stream temperature, sediment load, and vegetation in riparian systems.  ripa

Objectives of this study are:

  • To better understand how stream water temperature is affected by the interactions between surface water and shallow groundwater, and
  • To determine the overall effects that land and vegetation management practices have in stream water temperature and other water quality parameters.

We are conducting intensive monitoring of selected ecological and hydrological parameters to determine stream-aquifer interactions and vegetation shade effects on stream water temperature. Also, we are monitoring water uptake by dominant riparian vegetation species. 







United States
Latitude: 45.422738
Longitude: -121.242080


Riparian systems