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Ecology and Hydrology of Western Juniper: Special Report 2016

TitleEcology and Hydrology of Western Juniper: Special Report 2016
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
Corporate AuthorsOchoa, C, Deboodt, T
Series TitleOSU Range Field Day
Date Published06/2016
InstitutionOregon State University
CityCorvallis, OR
Keywordsecology, hydrology, land management, western juniper

This report features past and ongoing research efforts related to ecological and hydrological relationships found in western juniper woodlands of eastern Oregon. This report is a cooperative effort of the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences at Oregon State University and the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (EOARC). The EOARC is jointly operated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Service and by Oregon State University.

Short TitleOSU Range Field Day 2016
Alternate TitleWestern Juniper Report OSU
Refereed DesignationNon-Refereed
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